Background Checks

Students wishing to apply to a health science program are required to have and pass a criminal background check prior to or upon acceptance to the applicable program. Each program's requirements are different so make sure to have the correct information from the program director. The profile information that you input will be sent directly to the college upon completion.  

DO NOT complete a background check until instructed to do so by your Program Director.

The Health Science professional programs currently use American Data Bank to conduct the certified background checks. Criminal background checks by any other company will not be accepted. When the background check is received from American Data Bank, students will be requested to review the results with the Program Director. The cost of the background check is $53 and is either (a) paid directly to American Data Bank by the student with a credit card or money order OR (b) included in the tuition and fee amount at course registration, depending upon the specific program. Therefore, do NOT register for the background check until your applicable program director has instructed you to do so and follow his/her explicit instructions since this fee is non-refundable once paid.

Each program has a different deadline for completion of the background check so each student must be aware of the applicable program's deadline date so he/she should get this information from the applicable program director.

The American Data Bank website for SouthArk health science students is:

If the program requires the students to register and pay on their own (see 'a' above): Follow the prompts through the website. Print out the completed disclosure form and turn it in to the applicable program director upon request.

If the program requires that the background check fee be paid during course registration time (see 'b' above), do not register on your own for this background check. Instead, follow your program director's instructions on how this is to be handled within the program.

The following searches are required for the background check:

  1. County Criminal History Record Searches
  2. Social Security Number Trace
  3. Residency History
  4. Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Sanction Report
  5. General Services Administration (GSA) Excluded Parties List
  6. Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) Terrorist List
  7. Excluded Parties List System
  8. Nationwide Sex Offender Registry
  9. Driving History

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