Certified Kitchen Cook

certified cook
The Certified Kitchen Cook program is for individuals who would like to learn basic kitchen skills and earn a nationally recognized certification in the culinary and hospitality industry.

Program Objectives:

  • Learn customer service, communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, and professionalism skills.
  • Describe ways kitchen cooks meet superior performance standards.
  • Learn safety and sanitation guidelines.
  • Learn basic culinary terms.
  • Identify and explain how to use basic kitchen tools and equipment.
  • Differentiate between different kinds of knives and describe how to care for them properly.
  • Define standard cuts used for different kinds of foods.
  • Understand standard recipe development.
  • Follow proper procedures for weighing and measuring ingredients.
  • Learn how to convert standard recipes.
  • Describe how to control food costs.
  • Identify nutrition trends that may affect the day-to-day job.
  • Describe the correct plate presentation and garnish procedures.
  • Discuss ways to handle special guest situations, including special requests, substitutions, and complaints.
  • Review the process for working a call-and-pick-up system.
  • Explain the purpose of banquet event orders and discuss how to use them to work more efficiently.
  • List procedures for handling leftovers at your property.

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