WAGE Certifications

WAGE™ is not just a test.  It is a State of Arkansas Certification that adults can earn in order to gain employment or advance current employment opportunities.  Therefore, Workforce Alliance for Growth in the Economy (WAGE™) Certification is ultimately designed to address the need to improve the workplace basic skills of the unemployed and under-employed labor pool.  The WAGE™ Program is an industry, education, and community collaborative for workforce development. 

On average, it takes 100 hours to complete a WAGE™ Certificate.  Students can expect to take multiple tests and attend classes to improve basic language, reading, and math skills.  The program is free to students; however, students invest their time and learning to the program.  The employers that require or prefer the WAGE™ Certificate during the hiring process understand that WAGE™ completers are able to start and finish an educational program and are trainable.


There are 6 types of WAGE™ Certificates:


Customer Service I

Customer Service II


Office Technology



Certificates can be earned simultaneously.

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